About MigraMap

MigraMap is a mapping tool that allows users to report and view U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids by date and ZIP code. Created by Latino Rebels in 2016, the tool was enhanced this year by volunteers from a Chicago-based civic tech group, who made the map searchable and filterable and added many of the latest raids.

The goal of Migra Map is to allow concerned individuals, community activists, and journalists to access data that is otherwise difficult to find. Through this data, community organizations, for example, can mobilize targeted communities in high-risk areas.

Using MigraMap 2.0

MigraMap 2.0 shows all the results nationwide on a map that you can zoom in by just double clicking on it or using the + and - buttons at the bottom right corner.

You can also filter MigraMap results by:

  • Location (address, zip code, city)
  • Date Range
  • Successful Detainment
  • Location Type (home, business or public place)
  • Keywords
  • By clicking on any dot in the map, you'll get more details on the reported raid itself, such as the date in which occurred, specific zip code, location type and a general description what did happen during the raid.

Data collection

The majority of MigraMap data comes from reputable news coverage, with the rest coming from ICE raid reports submitted by MigraMap users. Latino Rebels fact-checks the reports to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. However, the results provided in this reporting tool are “as is.”

Technical info

To learn more about the tech behind MigraMap, check out our GitHub repository.